Enø Camping


Enø Camping invites the kids to an outdoor playground with swings, slide, playhouse, and sandbox and swing animals. Besides that there is a field with goals, and a possibility for a game petanque, shuttlecock and basketball. If that isn`t enough, we have jumping pillows, were all kids can have fun.

Minigolf on Enø

Right across there is a miniature golf field with 18 holes, where there is a great opportunities for a good family match.4 km from Enø Camping, you`ll find one of Denmarks best grounded golf fields, with a view over Karrebæk inleet. Try this challenging field. We have a greenfee deal.

Fiskehuset Enø

In the summer period, there is a Tivoli, circus, shop keeper market, regatta and music entertainments at different times all summer.Contact Enø Camping for information.

Circus Arena

Circus Arena, biggest circus comes to Karrebæksminde annually.

Gavnø Castle

If you like art, there is a unknown opportunities. Visit for example Holmegaards glassworks or the wonderfully Gavnø castle, where both places are many daily showing rounds.
Besides that, Gavnø castle has an impressive flower park, with over half a million bulbs. If you come in May month, the park is in its beautiful month, and you`ll see a fabulous colour harmony.

Bascule bridge

200 m from the square lays the fisher town, where there is fishing boats, smokehouse, lively fish market. Next to Enø Camping lay Enø grill and Steakhouse, where you can get the famous “Enø Steak”, which many travel far to taste. You can also get a Campingvaffel, which are a huge Ice cream. The Campingvaffel Is so huge, which even the biggest Ice-cream eaters are bending for.

Enø Camping

There is also the possibility to stay in the area, and experience the lovely nature and the splendid fisher town, which surround Enø Camping.

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