Enø Camping


+45 55 44 25 08

The front desk is open between 9am – 1pm as well as 3-5pm.

Address Enø kystvej 12
4736 Karrebæksminde

Email info@enoe-camping.dk

Have a look around in Karrebækminde with Google Streetview.

How it works:


If you want to rotate the view in Streetview:
  • In the control panel you have to use the wheel in top left corner
  • Arrow keys on your keyboard
  • Click and drag using the mouse

Move forward

If you want to proceed down a street:
  • Use the white arrows in Streetview that’s shown as a layer on top of a street
  • Use up and down arrows on your keyboard

Need to relax?

Go to our online booking - call +45 55 44 25 08 if you have any questions.
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